August 22, 2011

How We Ended Up On Good Morning America - Part 1

Life is weird.

As anyone who has read my blog for a little while knows, my family co-sleeps. I wrote about it here. A reporter from the Huffington Post came across that blog entry while she was doing research for a story about co-sleeping. She contacted me and asked if I would mind speaking to her about it. I was honestly delighted. We had, what I thought to be, a lovely interview. She was very nice and I spoke in glowing terms about co-sleeping and explained that, yes in the beginning we didn't talk about it, but now we are confident in our decision and really enjoy it.

This is not what came across in the article, which you can read here.  While the headline is now - Co-Sleeping Bad For Kids? These Parents Kept It Secret - it originally read - Co-Sleeping Bad For Kids? These Parents Are Ashamed. I never told the reporter I was ashamed, because I wasn't. Also, she did not make it clear that while we didn't talk about it in the beginning, we do now. Clearly, since she found me through my blog post about it, I wasn't trying to hide anything.

So the morning it went live on Huff Po, Hillary and I had a good rant about journalistic integrity and by mid-afternoon had almost completely forgotten it.

That evening we got a confused call from my sister-in-law saying that someone from ABC News called them looking for us. We are apparently not listed. Side note - the last time my sister-in-law got a phone call from someone looking for us, it was the Chicago Police Dept. because they found Hillary's wallet that had been pick-pocketed on the El. She must think our lives are much more exciting than they actually are.

After a 15 minute phone conversation with the woman at ABC News wherein I learned they are interested in sending a camera crew out to interview us about co-sleeping I think to ask, "What show is this for?" From the other end I hear - "Good Morning America - it's a news and..."

"Um yeah, I've heard of it." Oh. My. God.

I immediately starting pointing to the phone and  mouthing "Good Morning America wants to interview us," to Hillary who is staring at me, mouth agape.

We briefly had the are we sure we want to air our lives on television conversation with hand gestures and whispers, while the ABC News woman was explaining they would probably fly someone out over the weekend.

Basically what we decided was that co-sleeping works for us and we're totally comfortable talking about that to anyone.

Then we spent the next two days coming up with every possibly scenario for what would happen when GMA actually showed up at our house. There was a lot of - WHAT am I going to wear? What is Beckett going to wear? And we need to go to Target and get some loose powder for H's bald spot!

Luckily the house was in good hands. My mom, the design queen, was in and walked around adjusting picture frames and styling flowers for us.

I have to say, it was pretty exciting.

The piece airs Wednesday August, 24 2011 during the shows 8:00 hour.


tinadalton said...

I read your blog about co sleeping. I have a degree in Early Childhood Ed and taught in a wonderful Childcare center in the Chicago burbs for fifteen years. I love that people co sleep and if they are safe it's one of the best things a child grow up doing. We slept with both of my Grandma's while growing up (both lived with us). My Nephew Sullivan carried on the tradition because from day one he wouldn't sleep in a crib. My sister was lucky because the only person he would sleep with was his Grandma Pat. I think the Irish love to keep the family close. :) I hope GMA treats your comments better then the Huff Post did.

Katy said...

Just as long as it doesn't end up like the TV interview in "What About Bob," you'll be fabulous! I am sure all three of you will REPRESENT!!!! Good for you for sticking up for what is right for your family (and ours)!

Sami C. said...

I love you and I'm so proud of you both!!! You are excellent parents!!!