August 26, 2011

How We Ended Up on Good Morning America - Part 3 (The Viewing)

And here we are - the final results. This is my last post about GMA - swear! But I couldn't let it just pass by after all the build up and not tell you what I thought of it. So my reaction is...pleasantly surprised!

I think the producer, Sharde, did a great job. It's light and they left the Dr.'s opinions out of it, for the most part. It's just our story and the correspondent's story, who's daughter is older and keeps returning to her parent's bed in the middle of the night, because "it's cozy." She's darling.

Speaking of darling. My sweet Becks comes off as the cutest kid on the planet in this segment, even if the stupid info bar is over his face for half of it.

The correspondent just happens to be Cameron Mathison, who many know as Ryan Lavery from All My Children. And I must admit, I wouldn't get out of his bed either. I had a little moment when I found out he was going to be narrating our story, because from the time I was 12 to about 15, or whenever I started lusting after boys I could actually date, he was my BIG TIME crush. So there was a little bit of running around the house and calling my mom and grandma - who is a huge AMC fan (and no one is more upset that it's going of the air than her).

So give it a watch. I think it's fun and interesting. Of course on GMA's facebook page there were tons of comments about how people who sleep with their kids are bringing on the apocolypse and ruining everything, but that's to be expected. Everyone's got an opinion.

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