August 4, 2011

The Paper - About Louisville & The Awesomeness It Contains

It's been a while since I've read any print publication cover to cover. Earlier this week The Paper changed that. Yes, I am a contributor (you can read my story here) but that has little to do with my entertainment. The first issue is chalk full of one interesting article after another.

The Mperfect (i.e. Matt Dobson and Jason Pierce) publication is all about our city and the people doing great stuff in it and for it. They are focusing on and highlighting the good and interesting that surround us Louisvillians daily and that's just what The Paper is - good and interesting.

Copies can be purchased ($.50) at Please & Thank You on E. Market - like you need a reason to go there. Only a smattering of stories from the full issue are online, so go out and get the whole thing and settle in for a cover to cover read.

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Wendy Altschuler said...

Very cool thing to be a part of.