September 5, 2011

Beckett Laughlin - 10 & 11 Months

I've been remiss in posting monthly birthday photos of Becks. We are already in our second week of 11 months and you know what that means, a - First Birthday Party!! - is right around the corner.

I really can't believe I'm about to have a one year old. It feels like he just arrived and he's been here all along, at the same time. Sometimes I'm shocked that I have a child at all.

More to come on the par-tay. But here are a few snaps to catch you up. 

B at 10 months. He's the fastest crawler in the west. He was super into standing and cruising along along the furniture, but he has learned that he can get around so well on his hands and knees that there is no real point in trying to become a biped. Maybe next month...

I'm not in the habit of posting blurry photos to the Manifesta, but this just describes Becks at 11 months so perfectly. Curious. He is everywhere and interested in it all. After months of wearing mostly just a onesie due to the warm weather, in the last night or two I've put footie pajamas on him because it's a nice chilly temp by the time the morning rolls around. He is amazed by his sleeves and tries to pick the little frogs off of the fabric. It's pretty precious.

So next up - 1 year and possibly a walker. Time is like water through my fingers...who said that originally? Likely someone.


Wendy Altschuler said...

What a happy and beautiful boy (and mama)!

Katy said...

I LOVE that pic of the two of you! Gorgeous!