September 7, 2011

BRAS - Breast Research Awareness & Support

My father-in-law is an interesting guy. He's mostly retired from a long career in marketing, but dons many a hat, such as inventor and arts website curator. He and my lovely mother-in-law love to entertain and when we visit them it is just as likely that we will have brunch with a variety of interesting characters or be entertained by a bluegrass band comprised of high school students, as enjoy a quiet meal, just the five of us.

So on a recent visit it was no surprise that they were visited by a gentleman and his two kids who immediately went out back to the pool. The adults stayed to socialize. Over the next little while I learned about Chip (the gentleman) and his wife's cutting edge business and my interest was piqued.

They run a facility called BRAS - Breast Research Awareness and Support - here in Louisville, which provides women with an alternative to breast cancer detection and the dreaded mammogram. The technology is called thermography. And it's essentially as easy as having a photo taken of The Sistas and waiting a day for the results. Totally pain and agony free. There's no smashing or mashing and, best of all, no radiation exposure, which accumulates over time - think of that the next time you're at the dentist...yikes.

It's so great to hear about an innovative new front for detecting breast cancer. The fight has a new ally. Check out their FAQ's for more info.

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