November 30, 2011

The Snyder Twins - Support a Family in Need

A dear friend of mine lost her sister, Michal, last week due to complications following a c-section. She gave birth to gorgeous twins - Reverie and Jackson - who are healthy and doing well. My heart breaks for my friend, her family and the children and husband Michal left behind.

Michal's husband, Jay, will be needing a lot of support raising twins on his own. The family has set up a very well done website for anyone who would like to help Jay and his new babies. Please visit - - for more information on how to donate.

Here are some words from the family:

Michal Lura Friedman lost her life on Friday, November 25 in New York City, due to complications from a c-section, shortly after delivering healthy twins, Jackson James and Reverie Vivian Snyder.

For those of you who never met her, Michal was a passionate, beautiful, talented woman who was thrilled to be pregnant with her first children. Many of you know "Michal the Girl" as a musician, but her greatest dream was to be a mother. For the past seven years, Michal and Jay had been using all of their resources to make this dream come true. Michal was widely loved and has left behind many friends, particularly in her Buddhist, musician and voice acting communities.

Many people have asked how they can help Michal's husband Jay and their children. This generosity is greatly appreciated and would provide tremendous relief. Although there will obviously be needs far into the future, we are trying to help with immediate expenses, which will add up so quickly with twins. Jay needs all the support he can get in order to provide the care that's needed for Jackson and Reverie.

To that end, a website has been set up where people can make donations:

We so much appreciate all of your love and support.

Please help this wonderful family out if you can. Thank you!

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Dani AK said...

Working in Alaska to raise awareness and funds for this family in NY. Hoping people will come together and 'Pay it Forward'. I know by helping this family someday they to will be in a place of grace to help others and continue paying ir forward.