November 17, 2011

Stopping Night Nursing - The Journey - Nights 2 & 3

{This is what I stare at all night to see if we are making progress or not.}

You can find out how Night 1 went here.

Night 2

B woke up in his crib just a little after 10:00 p.m. and I was pretty tired, so I decided just to head to bed. This is a pretty typical evening for us. He fell asleep nursing and I fell asleep sometime in there too. He woke up for the first time around 12:45. I let him nurse for a minute, then unlatched expecting the sky-is-falling reaction I got the night before, but he only whined momentarily and went back to sleep with a few pats on the back. Lovely!

That continued to be the case for the rest of the night. The only problem was he woke up about every hour. I was able to nurse him briefly and then get him back down within 10 minutes or so. There was about 45 minutes in the 2:00 a.m. hour that contained a lot of flopping and crawling into me and the wall and pushing his face into everything in a sleepy search for his comfort. Kind of sad. But he didn't really cry too much. So I just tried to make sure he didn't really go anywhere and rubbed his back when I could.

I called open season on the nursing again at 5:30 a.m., instead of 6:00, because he tends to wake on the half hours and at that point I was ready to get a good uninterrupted hour in before the alarm clock went off.

Night 3

Hmm...what might convey the way I feel today? Oh yes - YAAWWWNNN. Last night was a bit of a challenge. He woke as usual about 12:30 and I got him back to sleep fairly quickly, but from 1:40 to 4:15 he was a mess. He cried and flopped about. He would fall asleep for just long enough to give me hope that this was it, he was officially down and I could un-tense my entire body. But then 3 or 5 minutes later he would throw his arm in the air and let out a wail of protest. We struggled for those hours.

When he fell asleep it was snuggled next to me for about an hour. Then at 5:15 I gave up and just gave him what he wanted. We both slept until 7:30 and than my wonderful husband came in and took B for breakfast while I had a blissful half an hour of babyless sleep.

Onward - stage 2.

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