December 15, 2011

More Local Louisville Shopping

Ah, the first post of the year. It always gives such a fresh feel. I do want to back track though, because I'm proud to say I did pretty well at accomplishing my goal to shop locally this holiday season. I'm estimating about 80% of my gifts were bought from small businesses here in town. 


In the last few years our lives have been filled with children and I sort of made an executive decision to just buy for the kids. They are the fun ones to shop for anyway, and I would be happy if my friends and family just bought for Beckett, so without really consulting anyone, that's mostly what we've done. 
Why Louisville is such a great store for gifts and their t-shirts for kids are awesome! So I bought several of them for the chillen' in my life and in some cases used them as wrapping for the additional gifts we bought them. 

Amazing Green Planet has an awesome toy section and we bought Plan Toys for some of our baby friends. One of my favorite gifts from AGP, which we gave to my niece, was the cookware and dining set by Green Toys made of recycled plastic bottles. Beckett got a used kitchen from his cousin, Danni, so I just may have to pick one up for him too.

We gave a lot of books this year, they are my favorite gift to give, and Carmichael's has a really amazing kid's section (the rest of their sections are equally amazing). We found all sorts of unique board books with awesome art and super cool pull tab and pop up books for the older kids. I had too much fun shopping there. 

For Hillary I had several photos of Beckett matted and framed at Framers Supply. I was really pleased with how it came out. I highly recommend going there for all your professional framing needs. You know it's a good gift when your husband tears up on Christmas morning - score!

As for the other 20%, we had a photo book printed of Beckett's first year for the grandparents and one for us too. But that's another post altogether, because it's so awesome. We also ordered a Little Pim language set for B to start teaching him Spanish, while he learns English. Other than that, the package deliveries were pretty limited this year.  And happily so.

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