December 9, 2011

Stopping Night Nursing - The Journey

You can find out how nights 1, 2, and 3 went here and here.

Here is the long awaited update on our night weaning adventure. We made it through the 9 nights recommended by Dr. Jay Gordon's plan. But Becks never really progressed past the tossing and turning and frequent waking. He woke every half hour or so and basically just bitched at me for not letting him nurse. It wasn't a flat out sob, but just a prolonged and high pitched, grumpy whine, with lots of pushing up to a sitting position and then throwing himself, face first into the mattress.

I was fairly exhausted. Hillary still takes care of B during the day, as you may recall, so I let him sleep on the couch so he had the energy to chase after our little viking all day. By night 8 I was so tired that during a couple of his wake ups I totally forgot what our plan was and I think I just latched him on, or maybe that was a dream - it's kind of a blur.

What would have been night 10 was spent in Atlanta, the beginning of a 3 night stay with some of Hillary's family for Thanksgiving weekend. Well I wasn't going to let Becks keep the whole house up, so we reverted back to our old ways and I haven't tried weaning again since.

But I'm building up the mental strength to start it once again. I am going to draw out each stage a little longer this time. But we're traveling for Christmas too, so maybe I should just wait for the fresh start of a new year? On the other hand, it's really never a good time - there's always something.

And so it continues...

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