January 27, 2012

Beckett Laughlin - 16 Months

January 18, 2012

Confessions of Lazy Evenings

When I thought of my evenings as a family woman I pictured eating dinner as a family, giving my kids a bath, supervising as they brush and get into jammies. Then reading them a story, tucking them in with kisses and finally enjoying a glass of wine while Hillary and I read the book of the moment before going to bed.

And actually, it's not too far from that. A little messier than I envisioned, but it makes me happy.

But I have to admit I LOVE when B skips his afternoon nap and is so tired by 5 that we feed him early and he's down for the night by 6:45.

Those nights we make a grown up dinner and eat it on the couch in front of a movie.

Tonight it's red wine with pesto pasta and Super Troopers.

Love these nights, even if it's not quite what I always pictured.
January 7, 2012

Napping, Etc...

There has been a sea change in our home. It happened little by little, but we noticed every extra minute. We. have. a baby. who. sleeps. ...Pause, for dramatic effect...

Seriously, though, Becks is taking at least one and very often 2 solid, 1 to 2 hour naps - EVERY day. People, come on! Get excited with me - I mean, we can actually accomplish things without going into his room ever 20 minutes because he woke up. It's pretty amazing.

And the cherry on top? I put him down at night around 7 like clock work and he sleeps until at least 10:00. I usually have to nurse him then, but he goes back down. I mean, do you know what you can do when there isn't a baby connected to you for over THREE hours? I feel like we've won the lottery. We can make dinner and eat it! Watch whole movies at a time. It's been 15 months!

On New Year's Eve we had a party and he slept until almost 12:45 - through a party! Even through the countdown and horns and screamed tidings to happiness for the coming year. We were not quiet. He slept. It was amazing.

Now our nights are a whole other story. But this is serious progress. Major motion forward. Toddler hood - I love it.

And yes, my answer to when will you have another has changed because of it. When it was hard, it was like - well might as well just add another little person into the mix and see what we get. But now I think we're going to enjoy this little taste of freedom and of having adult time again. At least for a little while.