February 6, 2012

The Warby Parker Experience

Recently I got contacts. I've had a pair of glasses for the last five years or so, but I only wore them when I was doing something where I needed to see, you know...well. Like for watching a movie or driving at night. But my 32 years are catching up with me and I need something on a more regular basis. What I discovered was, I hate contacts. I tried a few brands, but apparently my eyes are very curved so there are not many choices. All were uncomfortable and I ended up taking them out midday. So new glasses were in order.

Enter Warby Parker. A fellow writer for The Paper clued me in to them and I am so happy she did. They are a buy one, give one company - in the vein of Toms Shoes and they are super affordable - $95.

Now, I had attempted to buy glasses from an online retailer before by using their online try on option where you upload a picture of your face and you see what the glasses would virtually look like. I found the interface clunky and didn't feel it represented what  I would actually look like in the glasses. So this is where it gets awesome - Warby Parker sends you five pairs of glasses, you choose from their site, to try on at home for five days - no charge!

They were a class act from beginning of the ordering process all the way up until I received my glasses. Their packaging is lovely, I'm really a sucker for that. And I love the trend I'm seeing with new, hip companies being so active in social media. I tweeted that I received my try on pairs, but Hillary didn't like any of them - sad face. And they not only tweeted back, but an appropriately hip and adorable young lady sent me a link to a You Tube video made personally for me to say that I can try on five other pair after I sent the batch I had back. It really is a great customer service model.

That wasn't necessary however, I picked the pair I liked and knew that they would grow on Hillary. He's a knee-jerk reactor sometimes. He loves them now. I do too. The whole experience was a great one. Here is the final result. (I felt like such a tween taking this picture with my phone in the mirror, but no one else was around and I didn't feel like busting out the fancy camera and tripod.)

There is one little snag, this pair seems to fit different than the sample pair I wore around the house for two days. They slip down my nose when I tilt my head down. I called WP and the lovely customer service gentleman suggested I get them adjusted at a local eye place. Seems simple enough. I'm sure that will take care of it, and if it doesn't they do accept returns. Although, that would be sad, because I love my new glasses.


Benji said...

You had me until they said to take the glasses to a local place for adjustment. Maybe it would be different at your local chain store, but it would be a really bold move to go to a locally owned and operated business for help with something you bought from their online competition. I'd expect to pay for the adjustment and offer to if they refused. I like the concept and I'm considering using the service. Just remember what you look like to your neighbor when you get those adjustments made.

kelli said...

I was so curious about Warby Parker! I am definitely going to give them a try, thanks for this!! Your glasses look super cute :)