January 2, 2016

Resurrection of The Manifesta

(Look! I'm already breaking all the rules by doing a text only post! Don't be mad.)

I am lucky to have a handful of best friends who are scattered, quite literally, across the country, from LA to New York, Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky. They are amazing friendships made throughout different phases in my life. I know that with each of these people, it doesn't matter how long it's been since we've talked, emailed or texted, that when we do, it will be like no time has passed.

A few months back, after a few weeks of feeling like I needed to organize all drawers and closets in my house, not to mention alphabetize the records, filing cabinet and the spice rack - which is a personal flag that something is amiss within or without; I wrote to one afore mentioned bestie who has known me since high school and I said something like:

"I have no idea what's up with me lately. I'm in deep organization mode and I can't pin down the reason, all is well with the new house, the kids are thriving, marriage is in a good spot and work just really couldn't be better. WTF?"

Sometimes we take weeks to respond to each other, but whenever one of us sends and SOS email we're pretty good about getting back. She had an answer that was short, sweet and right on par. She said something like:

"Well if you are good on all those fronts, my guess would be you're not writing."

And I'm not, or I wasn't. Knowing she was right, I wrote for a while just for me. But damn, that's just kind of boring. I'm going to be honest here and just admit - that I like writing for people to read it. And I do have reservations about bringing this blog back because people are just so super great at making blogs and I am not a designer, photographer or programer. Also, I am not an expert in food, fashion, beauty, travel, politics or music but I do have interests in all of those things. I am really good at being a person who works and raises kids and has lots of other interests and I'm going to write about it to you and I hope you like it.

So here it is, back from a hiatus, stint as straight up parenting blogger and then another hiatus - the Porcelain Manifesta.

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