January 7, 2016

Simple Here We Come

The kids just playing in the tub, occupying themselves, while I sip some Thursday night wine.

We recently downsized from a full on diaper bag to a little preschool sized backpack. We keep a diaper or two, wipes, a spare pair of leggings and a spare set of undies for the boy, who at 5 still has the occasional accident. Normal boy thing. We rarely use anything in the bag unless we're on like a 5 hour trip to Goggi and Grandpa's house.

Lolo is potty learning and she's doing pretty well. Yesterday as I was wiping her tush, I thought, this has gotten SO much easier as of late. Now, hold on, before you start to tell me how it just gets harder as they grow, attitudes, back-talk, puberty, etcetera, etcetera. I mean, easier logistically.

In a few weeks, maybe months, I'll have two children, out of diapers, fully able to get around on their own steam, capable of telling me exactly where on their head it hurts or if they'd prefer Joe O's rather than oatmeal. We no longer have to haul a Pack n' Play, a high chair, the Ergo (baby carrier for the unacquainted), 17 swaddling blankets, 40 changes of clothes in case of multiple blowouts or some sort of feeding catastrophe, 2 packs of diapers, 3 packs of wipes, 2 lovies, lovey backups and a modified first aid kit the size of a tackle box on a long weekend adventure. Okay, I still actually bring the first aid kit with us when we travel.

While of course, I get a little sad when I think of how amazing they were as babies, and time is like sand slipping between our fingers. I'm going to let myself do a little jig over the fact that we get to move around the world a little more unfettered than before and my kids have gained skills that make it easier to parent. Once we lose the umbrella stroller, we'll be practically gear free!

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