February 11, 2016

An Impassioned Plea

Earlier this week there was a bomb threat at a Jewish preschool, at which my best friend happens to be the Director. My first thought was -

What. The. Entire. Fuck.

Then I thought - I'm so glad they are all fine.

Next I thought this (I'm about to get a little taller, standing up here, so get ready)

We need to do better.

I saw the writer, Elie Wiesel, speak at Ball Sate University when I was a senior there a million years ago and he said two things that I scribbled into the back of my copy of his book Night. One of them was this:

"Human being in not a state, it is a goal."

Right now, as Americans, we are not coming even close to reaching that goal. Everyday the media sprays the hate speech that current presidential candidates spew (ahem, Donald Trump) and people are eating it up.

Let me be clear this is not a Democrat vs. Republican thing. I have my own political views and you are entitled to yours. This is about something more sinister, another group that is trying to fit themselves into our political landscape, but they are not leaders. They are fear spreaders; fueled by hate and misinformation, their followers are scared and uninformed (if I'm giving them the BOD) and in my opinion this has no place in our political landscape or our country. This carving out of what it is acceptable to be and what it is not - this color, that religion but not if you're from this country or that one.

Be political, not hateful. Until we all realize that reaching the goal of humanity is a package deal and trying to intimidate, hold down or stamp out any group within it will be to the detriment of us all, we will continue to fail.

Black, Christian, Gay, Hispanic, Republican, White, Muslim, Wealthy, Trans, Refugee, Feminist, Democrat, Straight = People. If you must hate, hate hate. Love the rest.

Let's work hard toward the goal of human being. Do better.

Upworthy made this awesome video that seems to get at the crux of the matter.


Post Script: There was no bomb in my friend's school, it was the threat of a sick, angry person against innocents. The bright side is this sentiment from my friend and it's a great example of doing better: "I could not be more inspired by our preschool family. Roughly 30% of our families are Jewish. Yet every family has shown unconditional support. It has truly left me humbled."

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