February 10, 2016

Barbie Bodies

I've taken a pretty firm stand with my family regarding Barbie gifting to my daughter - when she gets to that age - and that stand has been: please don't. But I have to say, I'm changing my tune a bit with the introduction of different body types to the Barbie repertoire. In addition to regular (aka completely unrealistic proportions) Barbie is now available in petite, tall and curvy. I will of course, request that Lo get a mix of skin tone and body types to round her imaginary doll Universe.

I am a little bummed, however, that my doll of choice, Lammily, will probably take a hit from this decision by Mattel.  She's a doll based on average proportions of young women. In early 2014 Lammily was put into production after a Kickstarter campaign, which I happily supported and have a first edition doll waiting in the wings for Lo when she's a bit older to show for it.

It's always been important to me that the toys my kids play with represent the values that my husband and I hold dear and a healthy body image, which Barbie has traditionally not promoted, is one of them. Lammily is a great Barbie alternative or addition to the now more diverse world of dolls.

Regardless of her future, I think Lammily and her creator deserve a big thanks for bringing around this positive change at Mattel, because I have a feeling it would not have come about without her. 

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