February 7, 2016

Learning to Love Lazy

These first winter weekends of the year have been very low key for us. In fact, you could say, down right lazy. And I kind of love it. I'm an expert at relaxing. Many times I've thought I should be one of those people who are always running around accomplishing things. They have sparkling homes, their kids make educational art projects and they  go around saying things like, "Oh it's no big deal, I just have a hard time sitting down for very long..."

Never in my life.

I should teach classes in frittering away a day. I pretty much invented Netflix and chill - if by that you mean eating a pint of ice cream while binge watching Gossip Girl.

I don't ever go into the weekend thinking that I probably won't get off the couch until Monday. Usually I have pretty big plans about tackling one project or another. But when the Littles say, "Hey mom! Let's stay in our pj's all day and snuggle up in front of a movie," it's really hard to turn them down. Especially when the alternative is putting the books on the shelves in the library in color order.

So I'm soaking up the cozy snuggle time. Because as soon as spring hits life shifts into warp drive and it's hyperspace straight to Christmas. So the books can wait.

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