February 16, 2016

Mothxr Lover

Something you may not know about me, because I write about my kids so much, is that I am a three-alarm, freak level lover of music. I dread seemingly innocuous questions like - what's your favorite band? My palms get all sweaty, I start chewing on my lip, and I say something like,"Favorite band, not musician, right? Um, The Pixies...wait. Led Zeppelin, no Built to Spill...um, can you like narrow it down to a year or sub-genre or something?" Because, who can take the pressure of being asked to declare such a thing? Choosing a favorite band of all time would be like choosing a favorite hair on my head. I like them all separately, but I love them as a collection. Great music does not exist in a vacuum...but you can make music with a vacuum.

I typically don't write music reviews on this blog. But then sometimes I do. When that happens, it's usually because the music has evoked a feeling larger than those I typically feel and I've become slightly obsessed.

Enter Mothxr.

(Full disclosure: I came across this band because I think Penn Badgley ridiculously handsome and I follow his Instagram - not to be sexist, he's apparently very intelligent and talented as well - but his looks have zero to do with why I kept listening.)

Their debut album has yet to be released (2/26) and I can hardly get enough of the guiltless-pleasure, electro-poppy sound of the three tracks that came with my pre-order. Penn's casually sexy vocals drift naturally in and out of an electronic falsetto, but he shows off his impressive range on the impending album's title track - Centerfold - traveling way down into Stephin Merritt territory at times.

On my favorite track (for today), Touch, guitarist, Simon Oscroft, who IMO wins the band's best hair award, plays sweet little jangley riffs pulled together by bassist, Darren Will, for a mood that is simultaneously chill and dancey.

I'm assuming producer/drummer Jimmy Giannopoulos is responsible for the beats and synthy melodies that have just the perfect kiss of Eighties, but without ever sounding dated or like they're trying too hard.

To sum up - Highly enjoyable. I'm beyond psyched to hear the entire album.

Note to Hill: They're playing in Columbus two days before my birthday, so... date night!


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