March 2, 2016

Activism in the Bluegrass State - #AskBevinAboutMyVag

Bridget Kelly's happy uteri - obviously in a Bevin-less KY government

Recently I had the pleasure of dropping into Louisville's Mama's Hip during Crafternoon. This happens most Saturdays at the shop and community space, owned by Shannon Stone Porter - an all around catalyst for community change - but this particular day was not your average gathering.

In the back of the yellow room Bridget Kelly was working her magic on the sewing machine as Emily Van Bogaert cut red and pink fabric into long strips. The craftivists, if you will, (you really shouldn't - sorry I couldn't help myself) were preparing felt vaginas and uteri (the plural of uterus - I looked it up) to take to a reproductive rights rally in Frankfort, KY and give a very special shout out to Matt Bevin, KY Governor, who has succeeded in setting the state back 20 years.

Last month, Molly Shah (pictured in the middle of the floor making protest signs) started a Twitter barrage of major proportions in reaction to Bevin signing a bill requiring KY women to jump through unnecessary hoops before making decisions about their own bodies.

#AskBevinAboutMyVag was born and took off like wildfire. In my opinion, this is exactly what Twitter was created for. I highly recommend going through and reading the extremely clever and spot on tweets, but here are a few of my favorites. (This could have been a really long post, there are so many gems.)

"It really helps to laugh about it," Emily told me. "Otherwise, we're just so mad." The group wants the hashtag trend to spread to other states.

#AskKasichAboutMyVag  amiright Ohio?! But it wouldn't be the same protesting Kasich here in Columbus unless the gang from Mama's Hip comes for a visit and does a tutorial or making vulva sock puppets. Or at least that's my secret wish.

I am so proud to know these brave ladies and have been part of the Mama's Hip's community myself at one time. Keep up the awesome work!

Vs Up!
From Left: Emily Pickett, Bridget Kelly, Shannon Stone Porter, Molly Shah, Emily Van Bogaert, Kristin Dennis, Bethany Heaberlin, Whitney Boswell
Post Script: Follow @MollyOShah on Twitter to read all about the despicable behavior she and other peaceful protesters endured at a Trump rally in Louisville last night (Super Tuesday). 

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