August 11, 2017

Bison In Columbus - Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

Last weekend we had such a blast exploring Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park in Columbus. We love exploring our city and this place is one of my favorites because A) there's animals involved and B) it's eco-conscious and full of indigenous plants and animals. 

Previous mentioned animals are the bison (don't call them buffalo around my 4 year old) who roam around two enclosed prairies and are available for viewing in several places. 

There is parking in several places, but we parked near the playground area, had a nice picnic, and then headed on a lovely walk through a wooded area that opens up onto a prairie full of yellow flowers. Once passed the bison we came to a nature center. 

This place is very nicely done. It's striving for Leeds certification, has a green roof and is full of things for the whole family to explore inside. It's also a nice spot for a little bathroom break and quick snack before the hike back to the car. 

Flowing down the middle of the nature center is a 53 foot stream filled with all sorts of local creatures - turtles, frogs and fish. There is also a room full of pelts of animals found in Ohio that both horrified and intrigued my children. All-in-all a great day at one of my favorite metro parks. 

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