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I write this blog to prove to myself that the sneaking suspicion I've always had, which is that my life isn't crazy enough or messed up enough for me to be a successful writer, is untrue. That it is enough to tell you the story of my pretty average, non-dramatic, life in an honest and engaging way. I have no freak show to sell you.

I have always considered myself a writer. I won fifty bucks in a contest for writing a Thanksgiving poem in second grade and I thought - this is the life for me! Those winnings, which bought me a Barbie Ferrari and a Skipper doll, were close to the most I've ever earned from writing. It's never been about the money though, and actually for a long time I worried that getting paid to write would kill the love I have for the process. I think I'm over that now though (oh hi advertisers.) And, if I'm honest, the thing I love most is when people read my words. But as I got older, the more I learned about successful writers (and this holds true for successful personal bloggers, IMO), the more I felt a growing sense of... not really being part of the gang.

I mean think of the most famous writers you know - alcoholism and suicide abound. I have never sat in-front of a computer in a bourbon soaked stupor and tapped out a brilliant manuscript. I'm not addicted to pills, cigarettes, or for that matter, anything. Well, maybe french fries. I do not suffer from depression, multiple personality disorder or take mood stabilizers. I'm not a recovering anything. I do not collect old typewriters. I've never been divorced. I had a brilliant childhood and my parents, who are both living and still married, are totally amazing. Sure, I drink some and had a stage where I experimented with all sorts of drugs in college, but it was all just fun and very controlled. I'm not a control freak either. I'm a pretty even keeled person. I take some calculated risks. It's not often that I veer off the path, but sometimes I do. I've always had this secret wish that I could be just a little bit more messy, that I leaned a little more to the fucked up side of things. (See - I just cursed in my about me page - I can take risks.)

Bottom line, I love my job and being a mom and am constantly trying to find a balance between them. I geek out on researching everything and love sharing that information, especially when it comes to parenting (I'm a trained leader with Attachment Parenting International.) I have a hilarious husband, two gorgeous children and these are the pretty normal stories about us. My hope is that they are funny, honest and true.

A note about The Manifesta-

I started writing this blog in February 2008. I was living in LA with a guy I had been dating long distance for a year, but we'd never lived in the same city together, none the less the same 1 bedroom apartment. I was far away from my family and friends in Chicago, a little lonely, and I had an MFA thesis to finish - so clearly, I procrastinated by starting a blog. I found it a great source of community and a fun creative outlet. I started writing it single and in LA and ended it married, with one child, living in Louisville, KY. I always new I'd get back to it, but I wasn't sure when or how. It took the birth of my second child and a move to Columbus, OH - again away from family and friends to light that same fire inside me. The feeling of needing a creative outlet and a community. And speaking of community...

Join me on Facebook or Twitter - @pmanifesta - and tell me some of your average stories. I'd love to hear from you.

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